Blog Response #5

New Class(room) War: Teacher vs. Technology - New York Times 


"We can try to fight this, I suppose, as many schools are. Or, we can try to inculcate appropriate use from early on by modeling our own cell phone use to access infromation and learn throughout the curriculum."


I remembered seeing this article and almost could not stop myself from laughing.  This is yet another example of someone, in this case the media, who does not understand the application of technology like this in the classroom and does their best to try and focus on the negatives.  But I agree with you that by placing this on students from the forefront of their educational careers, there would definitely be a much less likely chance of this becoming a distraction.


Blog Response #4

Google Maps tracking California Fires

"Are we helping students survive in an online world? I had a former student come back last weekend and tell me she missed my lab most. Her new school has a great computer lab but the teacher won't let them on the Internet b/c she is afraid they'll get a virus.  Instead, what are they getting? They are getting "bubble boy" syndrome. Raise a kid in a bubble and he has no immunity, no resistance, no ability to live in the real world."


I could not agree more when you make mention of the "bubble boy" analogy.  But I feel almost to take it a step further and almost make it like a quarantine zone illustrates the situation even more where students become so isolated from technology, they eventually have no chance for surviving in this ever changing technological age.


Blog Response #3


"How many things are you doing right now? The learners in my school agree that they do five things at once and so do I. Are school classes need to recognise this. We need to stop viewing new technologies as bad things that have no educational value."

It is funny that you mention multi-tasking while using technology. I was just browsing through your blog while talking on Skype, doing research for a class, and checking on the status of a book I had ordered online. I think since doing these tasks all at once has become habit we do not stop to look at what we are really doing. I totally agree when you make mention on how some look at this as a problem but the truth is far from it. This "multi-everything" will now be something that will be on my mind from now on whenever I log into my computer.


Blog response #2

A Reminder of What is Important...

 "I've been living in the life of the mind a lot this summer, thinking about a lot of the abstract parts of school design and teaching and learning, and as we start a new school year, and as we talk so much about reinventing school and curriculum design and 21st century learning, it's important to remember this -- The success of what we do is measured by the difference we make in the lives of the students in our charge."

Reading you blog entry has really struck a chord with me as a student of education at Illinois State University. Your experience is the one thing I look forward to more than any award I could receive professionally. The intrinsic reward of a student acknowledging your importance to their life has to be one of the greatest feelings and like you stated why you mattered. I am looking forward to that same feeling in the very near future as I enter into my career.


Blog response #1

Getting Over Ourselves

I could not agree more with what you have to say. There is always something more to learn no matter what stage a teacher is in their career. Anias Nin once said "The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery." This should be the goal of every teacher to never stop acquiring knowledge and in doing so becoming that mentor figure for a student inspiring them to be lifelong learners as well.

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