Instructions for Blog Responses

C&I 212 Blogging Information

The overall goal of this course is to exposure you to the issues in education in order to help you become effective teachers and decision-makers. This blogging assignment will enable you to see what current teachers and administrators are dealing with in education. In addition to having a front row view of classrooms and schools, you will be laying the foundation for your professional network.

What To Do

On the right you will find links to teachers' blogs. There are 3 steps to follow to complete each of the 5 Blog Responses:
1. Click on any of the Teacher Blog Links on the right side of this blog portal
a. it will open in a new window or tab
b. find a post that interests you
2. Once you find something to comment on
a. formulate your response in Word
b. copy and paste your response into that teacher's blog - look at the bottom of the post and click on Comments
3. Now copy the following and paste them into your 21Classes blog:
a. the URL of the teacher's blog
b. the title of his/her post - make sure this is the title of the post, not the blog
c. your entire comment
IMPORTANT: Be sure to number each of your 21Classes blog postings as you see modeled in the example post.
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